I think I learned to crochet and knit at the same time, which was probably more than 20 years ago now. I remember I was about 8 and after knitting a few Barbie scarves I started making a mitten. I made it half way through the first one.

The only thing I remember crocheting as a child was an afghan, but surely I didn’t learn to crochet on an afghan — if for no other reason, who would give a child who had never crocheted anything before that much yarn? I afghan was not a great success — the edges were kind of ripply.

But though I started the two crafts so equally, I only started knitting again about 6 years ago, but I didn’t crochet as much.

Now I find that because I have done it so much more, I think in knitting. I can look at yarn and see a finished object — a finished knitted object, but every time I want to crochet something still I need to look up exactly what they mean by dc — I never have to look up what k2tog means. I can’t see what something crocheted will look like before it is done or without a pattern with a picture.

I just don’t think in crochet, but I wish I had the facility to do it. Here is a picture of the first thing I ever made in crochet without seeing a picture or model of first, the motifs are from Norah Gaughan:


Here is my original post on it: Other uses I have put my stash to.

In crochet I am reduced to salvaging my results when I try to make a rug as cushion appliqués.

I think I will persevere, maybe I will make something Loop-d-Loop Crochet by Teva Durham. She makes it look so . . . so . . . fresh/exciting/fashionable/quirky/elegant/fun — I just don’t think I can come up with a better word for it than that. I also have Crochet Me by Kim Werker, which is also fabulous.

One day crochet will speak to me too.