Last night I went to a bookmaking class. It was the second of two and I made two whole books.

Here are some pictures of the first one:



It is very handy as the book contents are instructions on how to make more books.

The next one was much more involved. Here are some pictures of it too:


This one has two spines and opens from the middle.

It has an accordion fold on the left with separate signatures for notes — you could categorize your thoughts and an envelope for little bits of stuff:


It also has a separate signature on the right with a selection of fancy papers. Apparently, this is so that there are always supplies for collage on hand. I confess I can’t imagine the desire ever striking me, but the idea that there are people in the world who are occasionally struck by the desire to collage immediately and always carry a supply of paper and presumably some kind of paste greatly appeals to me. I am usually only ever struck by the desire to knit, which is much less likely to lead to sticky fingers and a gummy table in cafés etc.


The world must be a more interesting place with such people in it.