I am working on the best most wonderful thing I can come up with for my second skien of yarn from Milkyrobot. It’s difficult to know exactly, because I don’t think it would work well in anything too complicated. It is also not enough to make anything of any great size. I could do something in a simple lace pattern, but I worry that would be boring and predictable.

I confess I live in dread of being boring and predictable.

I think I would like another scarf out of it, but how to do it? I have come up with three toning yarns in brown that I want to knit with it to make the scarf, and I think it should be made in sections of colours/textures/yarns.

Here is my second attempt.

Knitting with four balls of wool at once is a pain, and I am not sure that four straight stripes will do it for me, so I think it may be time to rip it. I really don’t recommend ripping out lace weight mohair (or any mohair really), with mohair you really are committed. It’s good that lace weight mohair is so cheap per metre, because I think I will just end up tossing that bit.

I think that for the next iteration, I will work a stripe of handspun first, perhaps 4 or 5 sts in k1, p1 rib, then knit the rest onto it, by picking up sts along it, as surely part of it should be knit perpendicular to the rest and, and knitting to the sides as I go. this will give me more control over how the scarf is evolving and be easier to work — less tangly.

I really like the effect of the lace weight section though. Somehow the contrast with the handspun greatly appeals to me.