When I got home from work yesterday I was so excited to find a Canada Post parcel delivery notice. I am waiting for some very pressing yarn orders with deadlines attached, and I am feeling very impatient.

When I got to the post office and I first saw the box, I was confused as it looked too big and heavy to be yarn. Then I saw the return address and it all came flooding back to me: I was sick a few weeks ago, and I was idly surfing the Internet in the middle of the morning and came upon the Folio Society website (okay, I had it bookmarked — in a folder called bibliophilia, please let your mind now fill with lurid images), and I decided that I would finally join after being patient for . . . oh, a very long time.

So now I have the “Empires of the Ancient World” introductory offer in my living room:

I have since gone online and ordered my four books to cement the deal. This is why credit cards and the Internet are a perilous, perilous combination not to be mixed by the unwary.