I bought this yarn recently — okay nine months ago or so. It is called Noro Taiyo and is made of It is 40% Cotton, 30% Silk, 15% Wool, and 15% Nylon, colour #1 (see colour card here).

It is scrumptious, soft and pretty. I have decided what to do with it finally, but you will need to wait to see it (delightful idea that you would care!).


It makes me think of Good Omens by Neil Gaimon and Terry Pratchett: the scene with the English children sitting around trying to imagine what all the flavours of ice cream at Baskin Robbins in “America” could be. The dialogue as I remember it goes as follows:

“well there’s chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.”

“What other flavours can there be?”

“There could be strawberry-chocolate. . .”

Then all the children sat back and imagined all the flavours there could be that would somehow be derived from English ice cream flavours. This yarn feels like a combination in fondest imaginings of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla to make a fourth flavour.

I will tell you this — in my mind it will be the most lovely and best summer shell-like sweater ever. We will see how well I am able to bring it into the world.