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I have spent almost the whole weekend cleaning and getting rid of unnecessary stuff. It is shocking how many useless belongings I have accumulated. I moved out to Saskatoon three and a half years go with my luggage allowance on the plane and then some more things in a truck a few months later, but to give you an idea it only cost me $800 to move from Vancouver, so we are not talking about that much, but here I am with a house stuffed to the gills.

So here I am getting rid of more. After two days, I have achieved clarity (I mean unclutteredness).


Besides everything else, I got this yarn in the mail recently from Jess and Milkyrobot:


So everything will continue to look up.

I love displacement activity — there are few things in life that make me feel as good as accomplishing my displacement goals.

I have been having the most confused and twisted week/six months. Without giving too many details everything has been changing and changing back, and I feel twisted into knots — not the clean, apparent, rational knots of rope, but the fuzzy, messy, irrational knots of alpaca that are impossible to untie without ruining the yarn and a great deal of swearing. The kind of knots that should just be cut out.

Now it looks like I will be laid off as well — yes, I have a day job, but perhaps not for long. I suppose I was naive to think the down turn and political noise would not affect me, but there you go. I am left with a vague sense of rest that I did not buy a house and that I can move without a great deal of difficulty. Even if it is only into my parents’ basement.

The media always tells me that is what people my age do, and perhaps they will turn out to be right in this case after all.

On the plus side, my parents have a beautiful garden to take knitting photos in and forest a few blocks away. I could go hiking and knit the whole day through.

I have several months before that happens, so I think I will focus on displacement activity this weekend — yoga, brunch with friends, and cleaning out the back closet.

I have been having a bit of a go at disposing of some of the extraneous matter in the house. It is a thing of beauty — the drawers in my dresser close, without the help of a good nudge from my hip, and the clothes in my closet are all in season and actually fit me now. I could wear them today and might actually want to — though not obviously all at once.

I am starting to work on the back closet as well, and I have decided to say goodbye to a few back issues of knitting magazines. I have listed them in my Etsy shop. I have also decided to part with my version of Lyra’s coat.

Lyra's Coat

It’s a little sad, but I just can’t keep everything I make and will likely not wear, just because I made it. It used to be okay because I only made as much as I could almost justify needing, but I feel like the blog and publishing have created this great voracious monster that needs to be regularly appeased with knitting.

The Interweave knits previews are out (here). I am always so happy when the new issue of IK is released — it just means a new chance to fantasize about everything.

I am most smitten with the Diminishing Rib Cardigan by Andrea Pomerantz, the Soap Bubble Wrap by Connie Chang Chinchio, and the Zickzack Tunic by Melissa Wehrle. One of the most wonderful things about Ravelry (though I suppose Google would also work, if you want to point out the reasonably obvious) is that I can turn around the find the websites for the designers.

Connie Change Chinchio blogs at Physicsknits. She appears to have lovely discussions about her design process. I better add it to my reading list — there, done.

Melissa Wehrle blogs at neoknits — also getting added to my list. If I had time at all to knit all the patterns I own that I want to knit and all the things I have in my list of my own ideas of what I want to knit, I would knit Melissa’s Granny Smith Cardigan in a flash — there really is something special in my mind about a mohair cardi.

I can’t find a website for Andrea Pomerantz, but if anyone can send me the info I would be happy to post it.

On my own design front, I have completely written the pattern for my next submission to Knitty, and the deadline is weeks away. This must mean that I have turned a new leaf and will no longer live with procrastination but do everything in advance and live in a calm _____ (the only word that comes to mind is miasma, but that is bad).

Oh well, it was not likely to happen anyway.

For all of you who have been waiting impatiently and for all of those who did not know you needed to be excited yet, I would like to announce a new version of the West Wind Gloves.

This version is for the same gloves, except they are knit in the round. I like this pattern so much, and now you can knit them if you like those old dpn.


If you would like any more information about the pattern, I would invite you to the pattern page, or if you know right now, I would invite you to click here:

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