I have been having a bit of a go at disposing of some of the extraneous matter in the house. It is a thing of beauty — the drawers in my dresser close, without the help of a good nudge from my hip, and the clothes in my closet are all in season and actually fit me now. I could wear them today and might actually want to — though not obviously all at once.

I am starting to work on the back closet as well, and I have decided to say goodbye to a few back issues of knitting magazines. I have listed them in my Etsy shop. I have also decided to part with my version of Lyra’s coat.

Lyra's Coat

It’s a little sad, but I just can’t keep everything I make and will likely not wear, just because I made it. It used to be okay because I only made as much as I could almost justify needing, but I feel like the blog and publishing have created this great voracious monster that needs to be regularly appeased with knitting.