I have been having the most confused and twisted week/six months. Without giving too many details everything has been changing and changing back, and I feel twisted into knots — not the clean, apparent, rational knots of rope, but the fuzzy, messy, irrational knots of alpaca that are impossible to untie without ruining the yarn and a great deal of swearing. The kind of knots that should just be cut out.

Now it looks like I will be laid off as well — yes, I have a day job, but perhaps not for long. I suppose I was naive to think the down turn and political noise would not affect me, but there you go. I am left with a vague sense of rest that I did not buy a house and that I can move without a great deal of difficulty. Even if it is only into my parents’ basement.

The media always tells me that is what people my age do, and perhaps they will turn out to be right in this case after all.

On the plus side, my parents have a beautiful garden to take knitting photos in and forest a few blocks away. I could go hiking and knit the whole day through.

I have several months before that happens, so I think I will focus on displacement activity this weekend — yoga, brunch with friends, and cleaning out the back closet.