It occurs to me that I have gaping holes in my education relating to various things. In the culinary arts I don’t know how to make mashed potatoes, potatoes in general are a great void that I know very little about. When I tried to make baked potatoes for Valentine’s Day because of a special request I mistook the time, and they were still uncooked (we put them back in the oven for half an hour and made hash browns the next day).

I have promised to deliver mashed potatoes today, and I think I will need to pull out a cookbook (The Joy of Cooking has saved me many times). I am also hazy on how to steam broccoli, but I make a mean chocolate cake, spanakopita, and, after polling the room I can say, coconut cream pie.


I am bad at things that everyone is supposed to be able to do. The birthday cake above however was in my opinion the best chocolate cake I ever ate (I think the recipe was from Susan Mendelson’s Mama Now Cooks Like This: The Best of Susan Mendelson with candied violets on top from my last trip to Montreal).

I suppose that it is inevitable that people will have holes in their educations. I am trying to think what the holes in my knitting education are — I would say that they mainly revolve around socks. If it is time for true confessions, I have never knit a pair of socks. I knit a pair of slipper socks once, but actual socks never. I have just never really wanted to — I get hot feet.

What holes do you have in your education, knitting or otherwise?