I just got back from Vancouver, and on one of my flights there (it always seems to take two) I sat next to an Indian man. He was wearing a turban and traditional clothing, including a white cotton wrap that had a wonderful woven in edging in red and gold.

As I was knitting I dropped my yarn on the floor and picked it up. He gently took the yarn off my knee and put it on his own. He then proceeded to measure out more yarn for me each time I needed it until I had finished my ball and stopped knitting. He even reeled it out and rewound it when the mechanically wound ball was too small and no longer held together properly. I was impressed with his dexterity with it. I think he must have had some practice with weaving or other textiles, because I can’t imagine anyone being able to manipulate yarn so gracefully without some practice.

We talked a bit after I stopped knitting, but he didn’t speak English very well, and I don’t speak any Indian languages. I was happy to meet someone who is a kindred spirit in fibre.