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I could sit around and watch TV and crochet pseudospheres all day long. Here is my second one:


These are fun: they are intellectual without actually requiring concentration while you do them. This one used the last of the Noro Taiyo yarn I had lying around and the same hook as the last one (here).

I started with one stitch in the middle and crocheted two stitches into every three stitches.

I am now working on a hyperbolic plane.

Being back in Saskatoon is interesting after being in Vancouver because spring is so different. The temperature is about the same now, but the vegetation is not quite so luxuriant:


There are just a few leaves poking through:


It never feels like the trees are waiting to take over.


The grass is waiting to take over instead, though apparently the grasslands would not return without the fires that used to be set every spring. There would instead be park land with trees and grass.

Looks like the folks over at Ravelry edit their webpage too:


I hate it when I do that. . . I wonder if you can have your blog in beta.

Apologies to everyone who has come here and found everything in an unfit state for visitors. At home I on occasion descend into a state of C.H.A.O.S (can’t have anyone over), but the blog stays open for everyone to visit — maybe that will teach me not to be so lax.

I doubt it.

I just got back from Vancouver and remembered my camera this time.

Spring is so lovely there, though late this year:



I love the riot of vegetation. It always feels like it is waiting to take over:


I also tried to get to knitterly pursuits, but ended up spending most of my time on more prosaic things that pay bills better.

Well it seems that one has to come up with names for everything when you blog so this is my “dark magma heart”:


It is a pseudosphere: a hyperbolic version of a cone. I read A Field Guide to Hyperbolic Space (as as I wrote about here) and of course rushed out to my stash and grabbed some yarn I had left over from a secret project (I wrote about this yarn already here).

So this is the result.


These are fun. It is constructed by crocheting one stitch at the centre then working in the round, increasing into every second stitch. It starts out as if it were nothing special and getting more exciting every round. I left the tail at the centre as the centre of a pseudosphere as the centre point reaches infinity; you could also hang it from something.

I have listed it on my Etsy account here.  You can also see my project page on Ravelry here.

Famously, when you walk around with a hammer everything looks like a nail — I walk around with a ball of yarn and various implements itching to make it into something else.

I recently came across a book that shows me I am not alone (if all of you reading blogs on the subject are not enough to tell me that already): A Field Guide to Hyperbolic Space by Margaret Wertheim (you can order it here), published by the Institute for Figuring.  Of course, I had to order one immediately.


It’s all about geometry from the perspective of needlecraft — and crochet being one of the best ways to represent hyperbolic space. I have seen several articles about this in various knitting and crochet magazines over the years, but this is the first chance I have had the chance to really get into the theory of the thing.


I have been short of reading material in the last few days, and this will be just the ticket. I haven’t had the immediate opportunity to learn anything about theoretical geometry in years, I think I miss it.

The previews for the spring and summer issue of Vogue Knitting are out here. I am completely smitten with some of the patterns.

I especially like the new neutrals story. there really is something I can’t define but find irresistable about an asymmetrical sweater.


I am so excited because I got a subscription to Vogue Knitting for Valentine’s Day this year and this will be my first issue for a while that will be delivered right to my door.

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