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Earlier this week I felt completely defeated — I was unable to bring myself to do anything but watch television while being firmly ensconced on the couch, but today — today I feel I can get back on the horse. The house is finally cleaner than it has been in months and things I like seem possible again.

I have managed to knit the whole front and back of my sweater using the lace pattern from the Gibson Girl pullover by Shirley Paden to the arm hole decreases without actually working out a pattern (please calm yourselves, I wasn’t planning on making the pattern public anyway), so I have two panels and have not given much thought to what I should do with them.

I did however, decide to deal with the original project that the yarn was intended for. In my project basket, like a biography of the Tudor monarchs, the first betrothal often does not go through, and my yarn is linked to several possible partners before the final outcome is clear. The original pattern was the Bubble Pullover by Nora Gaughan from Knitting Nature.

There was nothing wrong with the pattern or the sweater: I just fell more in love with my own idea for the yarn than I was with that one (though I look at the this version (non-Ravelry link) and wonder if I was mistaken — I may just be smitten with the idea of being slim, pretty and having a pixie hair-cut). However, the die is cast, I have never frogged a project that I have got as far with as my lacy Gibson Girl takeoff. I am somewhat impressed with the audacity of those on Ravelry who rip apart a project at the drop of a hat. I never have the nerve, but I ripped apart this project today:

As you can see I didn’t get very far with it in the first place.

Now I have some weird ramen noodle yarn to play with. I will aim to use it in a part of the sweater that won’t get too much wear as I find the yarn is never really the same after being knit and ripped apart again.

Grumble, grumble, scowl. . .

I just spent the best part of an hour ripping out the yoke of my current project, and I was so close to being done, but it wasn’t right, so now this is what I have to show for my labours:

August 2020